Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recent Acquisitions

I've come into some new-old, cool things this summer (old in general, new to me) that I think are worth sharing.  Some additions to my collections, new collections I've started, etc.  Other people downsizing their possessions has come in handy for me!

The thing I'm most excited about is my new set of vintage, mismatched teacups.  I was never interested in teacups before (and, in fact, rejected a matching set from my grandma's old house), but these all looked so pretty and interesting together that I felt like I had to have them.
My favorite is the yellow and gold one in the back, but I also love the butterfly handle of the one in front of it.

I also found a new addition to my oddities collection at the horror convention I went to.
It's a mummified pig fetus!  Ain't he cute?

We also inherited a canoe and a lot of camping equipment.  We're hoping to put it to good use this weekend.  And, yes, in-laws... we bought some life jackets!

By all means, if anyone else wants to give away a bunch of fun stuff, let me know!  Shopping your closet has become a trend during weak economic periods, but I've had a pretty good time shopping other people's attics!

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