Monday, July 15, 2013

So, I'm Getting Married...

As most of you already know, I got engaged in Italy.  My boyfriend went to Siena with his father ten years ago and had decided that it would be the place where he would propose to his future wife.  It just so happened that we stopped in Siena while traveling around Tuscany, so I'm happy to have fulfilled that dream for him.
This is the main piazza of Siena.  My mom took this picture from a distance, so that's him getting down on one knee in the little red circle in front of the fountain.  I won't tell you what his proposal speech was, but I will tell you that it was sweet.  I kind of knew what was about to happen as he led me over to the fountain, and even though we talked about getting married before, I still had butterflies in my stomach and got lightheaded in surprise/shock/excitement.  It was a little bit of a blur, to be honest.  I feel like it was over so quickly, so I'm glad we have some pictures.
at least we have an after-shot!

We had discussed getting engaged, so it wasn't a complete surprise.  He wanted to make sure that I would get a ring that I would love and be proud to wear, so he talked to me about it beforehand.  I tried to get him to buy me a $30 bat skull ring from Murder Jewelry, but he said that wasn't good enough.  I think I might be the only girl in history to argue against buying me expensive jewelry.  We had a little bit of trouble finding the right ring because both of us are wary of conflict diamonds and I wanted something a little more personal and unique.  I searched through pages of vintage rings on etsy, but nothing really appealed to me.  When he told his mother the news, she suggested we use his grandmother's ring, and we both immediately felt that it was exactly what we had been looking for.
It's been a little weird thinking of myself as being engaged, but being engaged to him feels completely natural.

Of course, my happy life event can also be of use to you, readers.  Now you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at wedding planning, including trying to slim down for it.  We've decided to have a small, DIY, rustic backyard barbecue type of thing, so I'm sure that will come with a set of challenges that should be some interesting reading for anyone who might be planning a wedding in the future.  I won't be doing engagement photos, a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or any of that usual stuff, but don't worry -- I'll find other ways to be annoying about getting married.


  1. YAY. Times a zillion! I'm so excited for you.

    And I respect what you are saying about no shower or bachelorette party, but what if some girls you know just happen to surprise you with a (small, modest) celebration? I mean, what then? What happens if there's a kiddie pool with cocktails inside it? That's been known to happen, you know. ;)

  2. haha well, then I suppose I couldn't stop them and I definitely wouldn't hate it.

  3. Ha! Jess, I didn't want a bachelorette party either, but it just so happened that a bunch of friends decided I would have one.....and it was a BITCHIN' night!

    Congrats again!