Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

I've never had much of a green thumb, but I've always wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables.  Even as a kid, I would watch my mom gardening in the front lawn and beg her to let me have my own patch.  Her confidence in my gardening abilities was never very high, so she would give me a little plot in the side-yard where there wasn't enough sunlight and of course nothing would grow.  There was one year when I bought a sunflower growing kit from the $1 bin at Target and it miraculously blossomed and grew so tall that I had to re-plant it in the backyard.  Unfortunately, the landscapers must have mistaken it for a weed because one day I came home to find my sunflower missing and a little mound of dirt in its place.

This summer, I bought some planters, dirt, and seeds and had one of the kids from work help me start my own miniature potted garden.  I've been keeping them on the very sunny stoop in front of my apartment and two out of my three plants seem to be growing well enough so far.  I'm constantly afraid that I'm either over-watering them or not watering them enough.  They haven't grown much since they sprouted out of the ground, so I'm thinking the huge rain storms we had two weeks ago might have caused some problem at root level, but my boyfriend says that as long as they're still green, they're probably fine.  I guess I'll have to wait and see if they've bloomed or died when I get back from Europe.  In the meantime, I've left them in my parents' garden to take advantage of their automated sprinkler system (must be nice).

this is supposed to be half basil, half parsley, but it looks like only the basil is growing

these will hopefully be heirloom tomatoes

I'm trying to measure their growth by how high over the edge of the planter they are, 
but it's hard to tell.  It looks like there's one that's sprouting really big and the others are kind of just hanging out at the same level they were before.

I'll track my progress when I get back and let you know how they turn out (if at all)!

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