Friday, June 7, 2013

Tomorrow, Zombies Invade New Jersey

and I'm freaking out a little bit.

It's definitely raining today, which is cramping my style a bit, but it's also supposed to rain tomorrow, so I might just have to deal with it and run through the mud so I know what it's like.  (actually, I just checked the weather and maybe it won't rain after all -- hooray!)  I still think I should go for a run today, rain or no rain.
I looked at pictures from the race that they just did in Dallas and I saw monkey bars.  I can't do monkey bars!  I also will definitely get all of my flags taken away in the first 15 minutes of the race.  I did a little practice game with the kids at work in which I ran around a field and they were stationed at various points around it and tried to tag me as I ran by... they tagged me, easily.  I've been "running" (my slow brand of running), and trying to run on unpaved/uneven ground, but it turns out I'm not much of a sprinter.  I'm very nervous about this.

On the other hand, my approach to this is sort of like my approach to tests in high school.  If I'm not already prepared by now, I'm not going to miraculously learn how to run an 8-minute mile or fly across some monkey bars the day before the race.  So maybe I should just chill out.  "All I can do is my best," or something.  They do let people finish the race after they've already been "killed," so I'll still get to complete the challenge and I can feel good about myself for trying.  I'll still get to say that I've done this at least once in my life.  And at most, it will be a little more than an hour of my life and then I can go home and cry into some pizza.

Final preparations:
- cut my nails because they will probably break and/or get mud under them
- do laundry so the clothes I want to wear are clean
- go for one more run, try sprinting every so often this time just to get used to it
- eat good food that will fuel me but not make my stomach feel weird tomorrow
- buy new sunblock lotion (can we all just stop pretending that aerosol sunblock works?)
- relax.  it's just a game.
(a game in which professionally made-up zombies are chasing me and jumping out of nowhere and I have to do monkey bars oh god what was I thinking!?)
I'm hoping the fear will give me that adrenaline boost I need in order to run faster than I've ever run before.

Sorry there were no fun pictures in this post.  Here's a consolation kitten:

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