Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's my last week of regular work for the year, last week before I go away, and there's kind of a lot going on lately.  But I have had time to do some cooking.  It's one of those things I can make in a big batch in the morning and then eat for lunch and then re-heat (or not!) for dinner.  If it hadn't been so good, there also might have been some left for lunch today as well.  It's sort of a weird Asian fusion noodle stir-fry that is a magnet for whatever vegetables or protein you have on hand.  It's also really easy to make and to customize to your personal tastes.
I had some mismatched ingredients that I wanted to use up... Thai rice noodles with Japanese seasonings and Thai spice.  Whatever, are the food police going to come to my house?  For veg, I picked out some red bell peppers, baby bok choy, white onion, shiitake mushrooms, ginger and garlic.  I chopped and sauteed them in a mixture of sesame oil, tamari, rice wine vinegar, and a generous squirt of Sriracha hot sauce!  I also put some raw shrimp on top to steam while the pasta cooked.

I cooked the noodles most of the way through.  The trick to non-mushy rice noodles is not to actually boil them.  Heat the water almost to boiling, then add the noodles and turn off the heat.  Stir the noodles in the hot water for a couple of minutes to soften them.  Then, I pulled the noodles out of the pot with some tongs (although a slotted spoon would have worked fine) and put them into the pan with the vegetables, shrimp and sauce with a tiny splash of the cooking water.  I turned off the heat in the pan and poured everything into a large mixing bowl.  I stirred the noodles into the sauce/veggies/shrimp mixture and let the noodles absorb all of those flavors.  Meanwhile, I scrambled a couple of eggs in the pan and sprinkled those on top of my noodles in the bowl.  Finally, I garnished with some chopped green onion and dug in.
"the colors, Duke, the colors!" ("I'm colorblind, kid")
Bon apetit!  I also inexplicably added a few splashes of coconut milk to my dish while it was still hot.  It tasted pretty good, but makes no sense culinarily.  Absolutely not necessary.  Come to think of it, some toasted peanuts would have been pretty good in there, too.  Maybe some pineapple.  But let's not get carried away.  Or do... it's your dinner.  It's kind of like a homemade version of Mongolian grill, except with mixed cuisines.  Between all of the vegetables and good sources of protein, one bowl kept me full until I got home for dinner at 7:30.  It's not authentic, nothing fancy, but it was TASTY.

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