Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jessica the Tattooed Lady Part 3

As promised, I'll share with you the rest of my tattoos (at least the ones I feel comfortable putting on the internet).  Instead of taking new photos, I scoured my computer for the pictures I took after I first got each of these pieces, so that you can see how I changed along with the tattoos.  Spoiler alert: I used to be blond, thin and tan (and unhappy).  I've captioned each picture with the time and place where the tattoo was done as a memory of the places I've lived.

April 2005, upstate New York
my first tattoo, which I claimed was for my grandmother who died the previous Fall

October 2005, upstate New York
outlines of New Jersey and Ohio (where most of my family lives)

April 2006, upstate New York
I drew this myself for my 20th birthday

Fall 2006, upstate New York
for this piece, the artist went around taking pictures of the Catskills and then freehanded the mountains and treetops onto my arm with a special needle... I will probably get this one touched up because it doesn't actually look so great, but I loved how personal and one-of-a-kind the artwork was

Winter 2007, New Jersey
honest answer: I was bored and lonely.  I do collect dreamcatchers though.

Spring 2007, New Jersey
My illustrator friend Lawrence Burns designed and drew this for me!

March 2010, Cochabamba, Bolivia
this is a mask that the men wear during a folk dance called the Diablada, typically performed during Carnaval in Oruro, Bolivia

October 2010, Iowa
and of course you've seen this one

June 2013, New Jersey
and this new one

So even though I have a pretty good number of tattoos, very few of them are large and colorful.  Part of me would like to start filling up space on my skin with elaborate pieces of artwork, but another part of me wants to leave open the option of having a "real" job someday.

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  1. Awww the hummingbird and the states and the balloon and the mountains = Bard memories. :) I think I was there for all of those!