Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Anticipation of "Run for Your Lives"

The zombie race is on Saturday and I'm trying to decide what to wear.  This is different from the typical "omg what should I wear?" that girls go through because I'm looking for function rather than fashion, but with a little bit of fun thrown in there.

My criteria:
- lightweight and breathable for the heat
- stretchy and tagless for comfort
- fabrics/shapes that won't ride up or fall down as I run/swim/climb
- very supportive sports bra, but without hooks or underwire
- preferably a natural fabric, preferably theme-appropriate, but I doubt either of those things will work out
- tight enough that it won't swish around or shift while I'm moving, but not so tight that it rips mid-race or that I feel uncomfortable in it
- nothing that was really expensive or that I'm particularly attached to because I will be getting dirty

Sorry if this is TMI, but you skinny people really don't understand the extra challenge that curvy people go through while trying to run.  I should find out what athletic apparel the Kardashians wear.

Here are the three options I've come up with so far, each are mix-and-matchable:

Option 1: purple tank top with neon blue/yellow capri leggings
both in nylon/polyester/spandex blends
Option 2: neon orange 1/2 sleeve nylon/polyester shirt with ventilated sides
cotton/spandex capri leggings
Option 3: this cotton/spandex tunic with either pair of leggings
never mind the stuff all over my floor.
My usual t-shirt/athletic pants from Target won't work in this situation because what I usually wear to work out tends to be too loose/not breathable enough for this kind of serious movement.  The final option is theme-appropriate, but the top is rather long; I'm pretty sure it's meant to be worn as a dress.  That may or may not get in the way/ride up while I'm running, but I'll test it out tomorrow.  The orange top is a smooth fabric and has a band around the hip area that makes it slide up while I'm running, so that's probably not going to work.  I think I like running in both pairs of pants equally, but I am pretty sure I will be swimming and the cotton pair won't dry as quickly as the others.  I'm leaning toward Option 1, although I would really like to be able to wear the skeleton shirt.  Another challenge is that it might be raining on the day of the race, so I'm also concerned about staying warm and dry.  I think I'm channeling a lot of my anxiety about the race into my clothing decisions.  Sidenote: it's really hard to take a good selfie with an iphone when I don't have a full-length mirror in the apartment.  Note to self: get better mirrors.
I could really use some reader input on this one!


  1. i vote for #1. it seems to be both the most practical option AND i think it's really cute. good luck, you!!!

  2. thanks, youlia! I'll need all the luck I can get.

  3. i vote number one because you probably won't be constantly worried about pulling it up/down/sideways. but i feel your curvy pain. also the purple skeleton shirt is super awesome.


    ps good luck tomorrow!