Monday, June 17, 2013

Boyfriend's Birthday

I have to warn you that I'm about to get all sappy and braggy in this post and it may be annoying to some.  However, I feel that it is necessary to give credit where credit is due and my boyfriend really is the best (in my humble, unsolicited opinion).

This past Friday was my boyfriend's birthday.  It was kind of a big deal birthday (his 30th), but we didn't make a big deal out of the age.  I did try my best to make him feel special and highlight how happy I am that he's here on this earth and in my life.  I was in kind of a dark place around this time last year and everything changed once he and I started dating.  Men (or really, people in general) probably shouldn't get any kind of award for being decent human beings, because it should really just be expected of everyone not to be manipulative or emotionally abusive in a relationship.  Unfortunately, before S, I hadn't really ever experienced this level of comfort, mutual respect, love and security.  Aside from how well he treats me (because, again, that should just go without saying), we have very similar values, dreams for the future, and views on money/family/etc.  We'd both rather be at home with a book than out among the crowd, but also want to see/know/taste/experience everything that life has to offer.  This makes for a very stable, yet exciting, life together.
To celebrate, I bought him some fun gifts that remind him of childhood but are allegedly intended for adults -- most importantly, a realistic Star Wars lightsaber replica (above, right).  I also took him out to dinner at a local restaurant called Pairings, which we'd never tried but heard good things about.  It's one of those places that makes everything from scratch and uses as many seasonal ingredients from small farms as possible.  We ordered tuna tartare and a cheeseplate (not pictured) as well as seared halibut and dayboat scallops with spring vegetable risotto (above, top left) and folded pasta sheets with braised pork shoulder (above, bottom left).
putting his new toy "adult collectible" to good use, torturing the cat
All in all, I think the day was a success.  He made me feel really special on my birthday (the whole week of my birthday, in fact), so it was nice to be able to return the gesture.

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