Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bon Voyage Part 1: Luggage and Packing

My vacation is less than a week away and I've already basically finished packing.  "Why?" you ask.  Well, I'm going to be away for nearly three weeks and the idea of leaving that until the last minute only to find out that I can't fit all of my clothes in my luggage was freaking me out.  Plus, this way I know what clothes I need for my trip and what clothes are left for me to wear until then.  
I decided to invest in a set of Lipault luggage because I'm lucky enough to travel relatively often and my other options were either a gargantuan duffel bag or a backpack (or borrowing an old suitcase from my parents, I guess).  I decided early on that I wasn't going to check anything, so both of these bags can come on the plane with me as carry-ons.  Both are the size of big weekender bags and feel that way if I carry them on my arm, but the purple one also has wheels and a secret compartment for a handle.  The teal bag can then attach to the handle of the purple one and magically I don't have to carry anything.  Carry-on and "personal item."  Done.

Now, I've tested it out, and not only can I fit 20 days' worth of clothes and accessories into these two bags, but I actually have room to spare in the teal bag in case I buy anything while I'm there.  If you want to know how this is possible, you'll have to wait and check out my guest post at Cooking for the Other Half in the next couple of weeks.  Spoiler alert: roll your clothes!  I know you've heard it before, but it works.

Something that everyone needs before embarking on any kind of air travel is a clear, plastic 1-quart zipper bag and little 2-ounce bottles of your favorite liquid/gel toiletries.  I'll also provide tips for packing this stuff in my guest post, so look out for it.  Hint: you can't bring everything you want, so prioritize.  Something that I didn't need was a colorful leather passport holder.  But I wanted one anyway because it's pretty.  So sue me.

Tomorrow I'll focus on the entertainment side of things... which books and music I'll be taking along for the ride.  There are so many things that I need to get done before I leave that it's been making me kind of manic and overwhelmed lately.  I've been trying to find at least one thing that I can accomplish each day and then not beat myself up too much for not getting to the million other things on my to-do list.  I haven't been able to get to sleep at night, but my brain is also not very sharp after I get home from work, so I end up watching the X-Men animated series or one of those stupid wedding shows, which only makes me more anxious because I know there are other things I should be doing.  I think that means I need to start doing yoga again.  Or maybe I should just suck it up and write that article/cover letter/blog post.  At least I'm packed and ready to go!  Right?

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