Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anti-Workout Exercise

Now that I've completed the zombie 5k, I'm getting really excited about my usual summer activities (as well as a few other ideas I might have to start doing regularly).  Here are 11 ideas of fun things you can do any day of the week, especially with a few friends, to replace a regular workout without feeling like "ugh I have to go work out now."  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking farther away from your building are good lifestyle boosts, but they don't burn enough calories or work enough of your muscles for you to stop doing other kinds of exercise.  These activities, on the other hand, definitely count as exercise!  Just try to do them for at least 30 minutes.

1. Laser Tag - doing this today with my boyfriend and the kids from work!

2. Sports (soccer, tennis, etc.) - S has agreed to play tennis with me regularly, but I really miss having more friends who live in the area so I can play games of pick-up soccer at the park

3. Camp Games (capture the flag, manhunt, scavenger hunts, etc.)

4. Elementary School Gym Class Games (SPUD, steal the bacon, relay races, etc.)

5. Exploration (hiking, canoeing, biking, etc.)

6. Swimming- it doesn't have to be a fancy pool.  Lake, ocean, river, pond, resevoir (as long as it's legal), just swim!

7. Yoga - about to refill my class card at my favorite yoga place.  I need that hour or so of relaxation, but who knew that Vinyasa also burns up to 7 calories per minute?

8. Dancing - one of my personal favorites, sometimes it was hard for me not to start dancing around the track at the park while listening to my cardio playlist

9. Being a Kid (playground, sidewalk chalk, jumping rope, running through the sprinkler, etc.) - again, those damn monkey bars...

10. Roller or Ice Skating - just like these people...

11. Go for a Walk - with someone you like, or alone.  It's a great way to have some quiet time.

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  1. Hey Jess -- I'm looking for people to write guest posts while I'm on vaca in a couple of weeks in the Outer Banks. Would you have any interest in doing that? :) If so, what is your email address? I'll send you some more deets.