Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too Excited to Sleep

*this post was written by last-night-Jessica so that this-morning-Jessica could sleep in an extra hour.  It's sort of like Back to the Future but with blogging*

On this final day of my double life as a teacher/nanny (for now), I have been working for fourteen hours straight, but I'm too excited about this weekend to feel tired.  I was able to work in the third grade for these last two days and I have to say that it was the best note on which I could have ended.  The third grade classes still have their problem students, but at that age, it's not as much of a struggle to make them do math for 40 minutes or sit and read a book by themselves.  The third grade classrooms are also the only ones in the school that have air conditioning... it's amazing what a little physical comfort will do for someone's job performance (and I mean for the students as much as for me).

I have four work-free days and plan to pack a lot of fun into them.  Here's a list of the highlights...

1. New tattoo day tomorrow Friday (also known as today for you)!
I haven't gotten a new tattoo in over a year.  This will be my eleventh tattoo, but it's a cover-up, so I will still technically only have ten by the end of the day.  I will probably do a whole post about my body art sometime next week, including before and after pictures.  For now, I'll share some of the inspiration I found while researching my new piece...
hmm, I wonder...

2. Ballet tomorrow night!
In continuation of my Lincoln Center addiction, I decided to buy myself a ballet ticket to tomorrow night's performance of Don Quixote by the American Ballet Theater.  I'm not taking anyone with me... I'm looking forward to just sitting alone in a theater with nothing to focus on but the beauty of the dancers' movements.  And yes, I just realized how creepy that sounded.  If loving ballet is wrong, then I don't want to be right!

3. Ocean City Saturday!
If you live in New Jersey, it's kind of assumed that Memorial Day means the entire state makes a massive migration to the shore (that's right, the shore).  I've actually never done this before, but when my boyfriend's parents live in one of our state's best resort towns, I think it's high time I participate in this tradition... especially because this may be my last chance.  I will probably not be riding in a surrey.  I probably will be eating Kohr's frozen custard and playing minigolf.

Unfortunately, in order to beat traffic on the way home, we plan to leave sometime on Sunday afternoon or evening.  On the bright side, when we get back to our apartment, something will be waiting for us...

which we will watch in one sitting.

5. nothing
Monday will be a "me" day.  I can read, run, clean, cook, get my nails done (if I can find an open salon), or just sleep without feeling guilty about it.

Other things on my mind right now:
kale chips, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, laser tag, The Great Gatsby movie review (late), make a doctor's appointment, tours of Tuscany, I wonder what happened to the Perillo people (remember the commercials?), mmm olive oil, FREE BARBECUE STARTS THIS WEEKEND!!!, 'tini Tuesday?, hey remember that part about not being tired?  I guess I was wrong.  Good night! (or good morning for people living in the NOW)

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