Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning Part 2

First, I'm really excited to show you the newest issue of the magazine I've been working for, XO.  You can read the full magazine for free online here!  You'll see my name on the credits page.  It's pretty cool.  The photos are really beautiful and there's some other great artwork in this issue as well, so in case you want a hard copy, I'll have some information on where to buy it soon.

I cleaned the whole dang closet yesterday.  Now I have a place to hang my clothes!  I also stuck my new dresser (from Home Goods) in the back.  Now that there are more places to put our clothes, I've been doing loads of laundry and re-organizing all of the drawers and shelves also.

now we can actually walk into our walk-in closet
One minor setback: he wouldn't let me throw away this shirt...

I haven't started sorting through the clutter in the office yet because almost all of it belongs to my boyfriend, so he should really be the one to decide what to keep and what to throw away.  I probably will make another trip to Home Goods for some file storage ideas so that not everything has to be just thrown onto the desk.

speaking of Home Goods...
This isn't exactly part of "cleaning," per se, but until now we've always just set down fruit and other snacks on the kitchen table in the grocery bags that they came in.  These wooden bowls (carved from real tree stumps!) corral the things we grab on the way to work and keep them from being contaminated by other things that end up on the table (chopped garlic for dinner or spilled coffee in the morning, for example).  Plus, if our apartment is going to have any kind of cohesive aesthetic, the natural, rustic quality of these bowls would sure be it.

Something else I'm taking care of today is the shower.  You don't want to know the last time we cleaned it.  I'll spare you the "before" picture.

I doubt I'll get everything done this week, so you might have to wait until next week for the "big reveal."  We also can't really do anything with the spare couch in the office until junk day in June.  We've considered giving it to Good Will, but they don't want it.  That's how bad it is.

I am capable of making the most out of a small space and a low budget, however.
here's the living room from my crappy, little apartment in Iowa, when it wasn't covered in piles of books for my thesis
It wasn't much, but it was cute and cozy and it felt almost like home for a little while.

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  1. i was JUST going to leave a comment about the uncanny resemblance between your old living room and your new one and then i saw the photo caption....