Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Motivation Tool: Rewards

To amp up my dedication to fitness, I've set up a system of rewards for myself as I reach each goal.  These rewards will give me things to look forward to on those days when I feel frustrated and just want to be lazy.

  • After I finish the "Run for Your Lives" race -- facial and massage at a local spa
  • Also after the race is over -- I can spend less time on running and focus on other activities that I love, like yoga, ballet barre pilates classes, climbing, hiking, canoeing, etc. 
  • After I finish a month of completely clean eating -- a nice bottle of Sancerre or other French wine that I haven't tried before
  • After I lose enough weight to no longer fall into the "overweight" category -- a good pair of J Brand, Rag and Bone, or other high-quality, USA-made denim jeans
  • After I make it to the end of the school year -- vacation in Italy with my family and boyfriend in which I never count calories or worry about how much sugar, gluten, dairy, etc. I'm eating
I also may or may not buy myself a new pair of fun, brightly colored sneakers depending on how ruined my current pair gets in the zombie run.  I'm thinking something like these...

Something else I have to look forward to is tonight's season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance.  Judge me all you want, but it's actually a brilliant show.  You may have to suffer through my commentary.

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