Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot Links

So yesterday's post was a little bit heavy and maybe a tad bleak.  How about some fun links and commodity fetishism to get us through the last bit of the week on a lighter note?

Underground New York Public Library is one of the coolest photo-based sites I've seen recently.  Each post is a picture of someone reading a real book on the NYC subway.  Looks like New Yorkers have some good taste in books!  Also, someone I graduated High School with is on the front page!  ha.

My friend at Only Living Girl in New York pointed me in the direction of Thug Kitchen, which is both hilarious and informative.  I'm actually going to make one of his recipes this weekend.  Here are some of my favorite posts on the site:

If you haven't already been reading My Friends Are Married, then you should be.

Taste Spotting is like the original pinterest, but for food porn.  It picks the best food photos from all of the blogs out there and puts them on one site so you can search for recipes or just make yourself hungry.

We all know that Buzzfeed is good for a laugh, but this gif-filled post comparing life in your Early Twenties and Late Twenties will hit pretty close to home.

While we're on the subject, is it bad that I relate to everything in this song about being 32 and I'm not even 30 yet?  It's a parody of Taylor Swift's inane "22."

My new favorite radio quiz show, "Ask Me Another," had a segment this past Saturday called "Grain, World Currency, or Pokemon?"  The host gives you a word and the players have to guess whether it's a (duh) grain, world currency, or Pokemon character.  I loved playing along.  How many will you guess correctly?

If you're starting to feel some Spring-induced wanderlust and need to fantasize about traveling the world, here's the New York Times' list of "46 Places to Go in 2013."  I'm personally drooling over the Adirondacks, which is nice because that's totally doable.

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month!  My friend Tony (from Cedar Tavern) posted this slideshow of America's Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and I'm starting to think I picked the wrong time to avoid carbs and dairy.
I mean... how does one even eat this?

Is anyone else excited that drawstring pants are coming back?
I'm not sure my tree-trunk legs would be able to pull them off, but a silk pair in a nice print would be both chic and comfortable this summer.

My first thoughts on T by Alexander Wang were, "yeah right, why would anyone pay that much for a shirt?" but now I'm actually kind of considering investing in one.  They just look so comfortable and like they would fit perfectly and last forever, just getting better with age (this image doesn't do them justice-- you have to see them from the front).  Plus, I look so good in this color...

I've loved House of Waris' jewelry since Waris Ahluwalia (you may recognize him from Wes Anderson films) first started his accessories line, but now that he's collaborating with Illesteva on these classic sunglasses, I really want a pair.

Of course, this is all theoretical because I don't have that kind of money right now.  But a girl can dream, can't she?  This week has been a little crazy.  First, my boyfriend's car battery just...broke, then I had a flat tire, THEN a million winged ants started pouring into our bedroom through the window and floorboards (thank god they weren't actually termites as I originally thought), and on top of that it's tax deadline week and we're trying to get my boyfriend an expedited passport.  Both cars got fixed, the bugs and bedroom were cleaned up (thanks, S!), my taxes have been filed, and I think the passport will be taken care of today.  To be fair, the week seems to fly by pretty quickly when there's a new crisis every day to keep me busy.  Considering the last three days, I figured it was time for some happy, wishful thinking and easy reading.  I hope your week has been better than mine!  If not, hopefully this post can cheer you up a little.

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