Monday, April 22, 2013


Even when I was in my writing drought, I stayed creative by making collages.  This hobby started as a way to use up old magazines and fill up space in my journals, but eventually my collages started getting big and complex enough to hang on the wall.  I wasn't sure if this really counted as making artwork because none of the images are my own, but there is a real artistic process to collaging.  I have to choose which images to use, how much of them, whether to cut them neatly or tear them out with jagged edges, where to place them or how to arrange them on the page/board, whether to be more abstract or to try creating a scene, etc.  My earliest collages were very simple and were pretty much your basic cut-and-paste of random things I thought looked cool at the time, but as I practiced it more and more, I started placing the images with more purpose and trying to link them with a certain theme or to create a cohesive aesthetic feeling on the space provided.  I'll share with you some of the collages that I like the most, some from journals and some that hang on the wall in my room.  I highly recommend trying this yourself, if you don't already do it.  It can be really relaxing because it's somewhat technical and repetitive.  If I'm going to hang a collage on the wall, I use thick cardboard or canvas board as the vehicle and I place the images using Mod Podge and a small sponge brush.  Some of the themes I've designed collages around include time, money, technology, food, celebrity, gender/sexuality, nature, or feelings like comfort/discomfort and energy/lethargy.

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  1. I loooove collaging!! Ever since the days of our Bardian dorm rooms. Yours are so great -- you are so talented, girl.